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Benefits of Massage type

November 23, 2022

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If it's an office worker who has to sit and work in the same position for more than 8 hours in a row. Pain in the muscles around the neck, shoulders, shoulders and back began to come. Causing each month to flock to massage parlors in order for the body to return to work fully However, despite the benefits of massage, there are many advantages, whether it is stress relief. to relax the muscles, but there are still many precautions in massage that must be checked before receiving a massage again

There are many types of massage. And each type of massage depends on individual preferences, for example, if you like a massage that uses a lot of pressure. Thai massage is therefore very suitable. Or if you are afraid of pain from pressure, a Swedish massage can also relieve body pain. And the benefits of massage will vary according to the type of massage as well.

  • Thai Massage

    Thai massage is a massage in the form of pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending and pulling. These massage steps help relax tight muscles. And can also help treat various diseases as well. Thai massage can massage the whole body. But the most popular points are the neck, shoulders, shoulders and feet. However, the massage will use quite a lot of pressure. and roll to that area to make the muscles tense solid, more flexible Caution in Thai massage is A massage that uses quite a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who like a gentle massage.
  • Aromatherapy oil massage
    People who like softness, gentleness, relaxed and comfortable. Suitable for aromatherapy oil massage. because it is a massage that combines gentleness with gently rolling and squeezing along with essential oils on the back, neck, head, or in some cases on the arms and legs The scent of essential oils will gradually fade away. It absorbs into the skin while massaging. makes the brain feel relaxed can reduce stress Anxiety You can also choose the scent of essential oils that you like.
  • Sports massage
    Sports massage is suitable for people who play sports and work their muscles hard. until the muscles of the body are injured The massage will be in a way that does not press down to any point of the body. Instead, it uses pressure with a wide range of weights alternating with relaxing rhythms. Knocking techniques are introduced. Shake or stretch your muscles to use more. Helps build muscle flexibility and alleviate pain

  • offsite massage
  • Massage for the stomach
    Many pregnant women have aches and pains and are unsure whether they can get a massage or not. Of course, you can massage, but you must be an expert in massage for pregnant women only. And massage is not intended to treat pain. But just a massage to create relaxation. There are also precautions that before receiving a massage You must consult with the therapist again. in order to make a preliminary history inquiry